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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rear 1/4 Light Window Installation - NOT!

I have trimmed back the headlining all around the car in readiness for installing the pinchweld around the doors and the rear 1/4 light triangular windows (behind the rear doors).
We attempted to install one of the rear 1/4 light windows last night but unfortunaetly - failed.
No matter how much soapy water and pulling and grunting we did, it just would not go in around the corners.
We are using the cord around the seal inner lip and drawing it in from the inside of the car.

This is the opening where the window has to go.

Here is the window - complete with rubber seal and bit of cord.

The first time we tried with the cord all the way around the window rubber.
We tried cutting the cord into three lengths and:
1. Running it from corner to corner.
2. Running it from the middle of each side, around a corner, to the middle of the next side.

We haven't caused any damage yet but I am concerned about the headlining if we try this too many times.
I think we will try with a slightly lighter cord - the one we used was thicker than the one we used for the rear windscreen as we thought that we were lucky not the tear it at the time.

The seal is on the large side as it was very easy to get onto the glass. I'll slip the seal off and check for fit in the opening before we try again.


Anonymous said...

hey there ... was wondering where you got the 1/4 light window rubber and rear windscreen rubber from ... ?

Johny said...

Hi. The 1/4 light rubbers came from Restorers Hotline in S.A. I deal with Andrew Haywood. It took a couple of iterations to get the right dimensions but now he has it right - they are made to order. The rear window rubber was from Scotts Old Auto rubber in Oakleigh, Vic.
Hope this helps.