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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Banana shaped fuseholders

I mentioned a post or so ago that some of the inline charger fuseholders have melted out of shape a fair bit.
This one is on Pack #5 in the boot. It hasn't failed yet - amazing! (The large flat heatshrink bit houses the two 3A heatsunk diodes that isolate the charger from the pack and the lower black wire and clump are the inline fuseholder.)

I only have three of these inline fuseholder left in the car - out of 12.

Pack #9 gave a low voltage alert about 800 Meters from home last night. I gently eased the car home and sure enough, the fuseholder had failed and Pack #9 hadn't charged much the night before.

It was 44.3 V unloaded and charged up fine with a clip-lead replacing the fuseholder.

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