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Friday, October 25, 2013

Rear View Mirror Success

The rear view mirror appears to be stuck on quite thoroughly this time.

When I first got the mirror kit it came with three types of mounting - two plastic and one metal. I used the supplied silicone adhesive to stick one of the plastic mounts to the windscreen but next morning it just came away from the plastic as soon as I adjusted the mirror. Next came the double sides Bear tape - good for three months, then the stuff from work - two months, then some pads I bought off UK eBay - 10 seconds (I didn't even bother to leave it on once I realised how "spungy" the mounting was).

So finally I cleaned up the metal mount and windscreen with enamal thinners and used the last of the silicone adhesive that was supplied with the mirror (put a hole in the small tube to get it out from the bottom). I left it there for 48 hours - held on with a piece of duct tape (see previous post).

It seems quite solid and doesn't shake nearly as much as with the double sided tape methods.
It's not as big as it looks in this picture - it's a 200mm wide mirror - about normal for a modern car.
(That's William getting a pick-up)

I was very close to punching the three holes in the headlining and going back to the little narrow standard Vogue mirror...glad I didn't. This mirror gives me a much better idea of what is going on around me.

Oh - the brake master cylinder appears to have stopped leaking. It looks like the one-drip-per day was the last of the brake fluid seeping out of the pipe-fitting's thread. A tissue was totally dry when I wiped around and under the fitting last night.

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