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Friday, March 7, 2014

Energy Usage per Month

I have noticed that the Vogue's range has increased during summer so I entered the AH used and the distance traveled for each time the car was charged since I started routinely driving the Vogue back in April 2013 (I keep a log). The data was entered in a spreadsheet divided into columns of months.
I then simply divided the AH used by the distance and averaged these values for each month.
The range line (purple) is that figure divided into 16 - my pack is 20AH and 16 is 80% of the pack's AH capacity.

The result. (In Australia the hottest months are January/February - coldest is around June/July).
Energy usage per kilometer is on the way back up as it gets colder down under.
(Edit: Graph updated again June 5th 2014)

It's not aligned but here is the temperature graph for where I live. The grey area is the rolling average.

Source of graph:

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