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Monday, June 15, 2009

Door Trim Material

I've decided not to use the plastic sheeting. I looked at 3mm MDF on the weekend and it looks like it would be soooo much better. I'll just have to exclude that from my weight shedding plans.
I won't get it until we have the fabric. Plans are to get some fabric samples in in the next 2 weeks and go looking (if we have to) during the June school holidays.

I did visit Jacka Wortley (upholstery) and the lady there was really helpful - basically saying she would go for fabric sold expressly for automotive uses.

(2014 addition. We bought all the fabric, underlay and extra vinyl from Vyfab in Moorabbin, Victoria. The blue and silver seat fabric is leftover from Holden production runs.)

This is the worst of the door liners.

I took photos of all the door liners before I pulled the clips off when I noticed they have a specific clip orientation for a given liner.

One of the door liners will need the woodwork re-veneered (not this one). I have yet to find out where to get Walnut Berl veneer in a long enough strip.

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