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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Higher Power Controller

While I am retrospectively documenting things I'd better mention this one.
Back in December I found a Lenze 9329 on eBay for a bit over 550 Euros.
The 9329 is a 30kW continuous, 45kW peak (for 60 seconds) - pretty much what I was looking for. The fact that it was a Lenze brand from the same "family" made it even better because I have got to know this controller reasonably well.

I made an offer of 499 Euros and he accepted. Shipping was about 85 Euros.
At the time the AU$ was pretty much AU$2 = 1 Euro.
When it arrived it was in pretty bad shape - again! Worse than the 16kW I started this
blog describing.
This is the fan end. No fans and where they mount is unusable.
There is a heap of other damage as well. Note the heatsink at the lower right-hand side of the photo.

I checked inside for "loose bits", and finding none, ran the controller up on my 2.2kW test motor. It actually still worked fine.

I sent this and some other photos back to the guy and he was really good. He refunded me 200 Euros (he asked me to give a figure). Once paypal had taken it's share (not sure why - it shouldn't have), that translated to AU$371 refunded. So overall it cost me about AU$800. I would have been happier with a complete unbroken case and the full price but with a bit of work this should come up OK.
He also sent the 2 missing fans - free. I get the feeling that the damage occurred over there and he just kept the fans hoping to minimise the impact of the damage - anyway I got them.

I have the fall-back that the 9327 (16kW) controller is in EXACTLY the same case.

This is the 9327 (16kW) with my "boost transformers" (to get enough voltage to allow the controller to operate) and my donated test 2.2kW motor (thanks Glenn).

The little red box on the top has my speed control (10K linear potentiometer), forward reverse switch and enable switch. You can see what the fan end is supposed to look like. I don't have the fan cover for the 9329.

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