This blog documents the restoration, and conversion, of a 1965 Humber (Singer) Vogue to a fully electric vehicle. The Vogue will be powered by an 11kW(modified), 3 phase industrial AC motor, controlled by an industry standard Variable Speed Drive (VSD) or Inverter. To be able to produce the 400 volts phase to phase the VSD will need about 600 VDC of batteries. A big thanks to the contributors on the AEVA forum:

Monday, October 8, 2012

Preparing and Painting Wheel Rims

I had collected some prices on getting the wheel rims on the Vogue restored professionally but it hasn't worked out to be very convenient. So, in between the rain showers this weekend I managed to get the two rear wheels of the Vogue wire brushed, sanded and rust inhibited (where required). I also did the spare which I won't carry but at least will be available should I get totally stranded and it has to be bought to me.

No wheels again. I'm hoping I get enough time to prepare and paint under the wheel arches. It would look a lot better.

On Sunday afternoon there was a couple of hours without rain and I got all three wheels primed.
The tools.

This one was first.

And this one just got primed. I won't be keeping the tyres but it has to look OK for a little while - hence the masking tape but not-so-careful line. I did the insides as well.

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