This blog documents the restoration, and conversion, of a 1965 Humber (Singer) Vogue to a fully electric vehicle. The Vogue will be powered by an 11kW(modified), 3 phase industrial AC motor, controlled by an industry standard Variable Speed Drive (VSD) or Inverter. To be able to produce the 400 volts phase to phase the VSD will need about 600 VDC of batteries. A big thanks to the contributors on the AEVA forum:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Driver Side Front Door Liner

Due to the fact that I can not open the passenger side front door of the Vogue fully due to the way it's parked in the garage, I have started on the driver side door liner. I'll leave the passenger side for the moment.
The clips hold the fabric in the correct place for gluing once I measure exactly where the silver fabric should sit - 405mm to 410mm below the top of the ply. The 6mm foam and fabric are then glued on. I just have to flip it over and glue the edges down - about a two hour job involving lots of fiddly scissor work.

I noticed this picture of the dash in it's woodgrain surround had never been included in the blog.

This picture was taken shortly after the 20km drive around the "big" block.

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