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Thursday, September 26, 2013

EV work sidetracked by Home Renovations

I'm back driving the Vogue daily (since Monday) after my slight scare with the battery pack (which is working fine now).
I'm trying to track down another BMS for the battery packs as I do not have a spare. If a BMS dies for some reason it will put me off the road. The problem is that the BMS in my packs (WL086-05) is not available any more. The closest thing to them is a 16 cell BMS from EV-Power at 120mm x 90mm and I only have about 110mm x 90mm room in the pack.
At least I know where to get one now and there is a chance I can slice 10mm off it in the power FET area. I hope I never have to find out but it's best to plan.

Anyway - house renovations.
In the last few weeks I have demolished a built-in wardrobe pair in our main bedroom. By built-in I mean it. It was part of the original house framing even to the point where two of the ceiling bearers didn't make it to a load supporting wall instead being secured to the wardrobe framing (I extended them). The reason for it's removal was that in a house with 2.7M ceilings, the wardrobe was only 2M high. The remaining 700mm above the pair of wardrobes (on a 4M wide wall) was roof space. There were two wardrobes, each 1.5M wide with a dressing table that we didn't use in the middle. Add to that - they were only 450mm deep - most are at least 550mm deep. A real waste of space.

I also had to patch the floor. Fortunately the tongue and groove boards that formed a shelf in the wardrobe were actually floorboards (the white ones in the picture).

So I removed the whole lot and re-plasterboarded the area.

Since taking this picture I have done the first "mud" and tape coat.

The new wardrobe get installed in early October and they will trim the cornice and skirting boards to the correct dimensions to butt against it.

So I have two more coats of "mud" then we have to get the area painted.
Plus other stuff...

Demolition in progress - a tad blurry - sorry.

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