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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Longish trip and Wombats

Last Saturday I had to drive 27km down to Chelsea and back and it was interesting. I got to my destination with 54km remaining range which was fine (total 81km). On the way home the total reduced to around 77km. Each time I stopped from 70km/h I gained around 1.5km then when I accelerated back up to 70km/h I lost around 2km.

The interesting bit was when someone in front of me had a brain freeze and caused me to do a faster stop than I would have liked - so I had to use mechanical brakes. I lost just under 2km range when I took off again having not got it back from regen first. So from that point on the trip plus remaining range at at 75km.
All this is measured to 80% DOD on a 12kW/h pack. The more you start/stop - the more regen. is important. I can't imagine it being anywhere near as much fun driving an EV with no regenerative braking - I rely on it.

On other matters. We had four Wombats visit work today. One of our engineers and his wife look after wildlife and they currently have a plethora of Wombats.

Jacob had a hold of a naughty Wombat.

When Wei tried to have a hold he just wanted to get away. A VERY naughty Wombat.

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