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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Removing the Petrol Engine and Auto Gearbox

Holiday time! I have taken a couple of weeks off the try to get ahead with the Vogue.
The pictures tell it all. We (11 year old son and I) decided to split the engine and gearbox and remove them separately. Reason being not enough headroom in the garage.

This is the "before" picture.

I removed the bonnet then the generator, starter motor, radiator and water pump first.
Then, with all bits unbolted and the engine released from the transmission (gearbox).... That was a saga in itself. Apparently I did it incorrectly as I left the torque converter on the engine. This makes it difficult to get back in. Oh well, that's not my problem now!

Easy as she goes. Had to rotate about 20 degrees to clear the harmonic balancer on the front of the crankshaft.

Next the gearbox. I supported it at the back with my trolley jack and just let it roll forward. It leaked lots of fluid when we lifted it even though I had drained it.

Empty (almost) engine bay. You can just see one of the two horns on the right. I will relocate them to the front just behind the side grills. Since taking this picture the auto-selector stuff has been removed from around the steering box (near the brake master cylinder at the back left).
Grotty isn't it. The underside has 44 years of mud/grease/oil gunk.

One Borg Warner 35 automatic transmission for sale. I must remember to grab those rear mounts and measure some dimensions.

Dejected engine sits in corner. The torque converter on the right hand side (low down, brown thing) was only replaced about 8000km ago.

The radiator and water pump already have a new home waiting for them in Adelaide (South Australia). They hopefully should go this week. The Radiator was re-cored not too long ago and Tim in SA has overheating problems.

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