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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Headlining Back In

One of the problems when we fitted the new headlining (see this post, and this post) was that the 15mm acoustic foam that I glued to the inside of the roof was just a bit thick. We were unable to properly get the bows into position and have the fabric (listings) drape over them without pulling to one side or the other.
So I did a bit of work this weekend with Laurel's fabric cutter and a scalpel.
First I draw chalk lines on the insulation from left to right across the roof where the bows sit.
Then the fabric cutter was used to slice about halfway through the foam.
Next some careful scalpel work...
The result is these channels.
During this time, Laurel was inside repairing the ends of the listings where we had cut them back too far the first time we installed it almost a year ago. If we ever do another suspended headlining, it will be a lot easier (if we remember what we did wrong that is).

The bows were heaps easier to get in and the listings could now be positioned to let the headlining drop correctly.
It's currently being held in by lots of these clips.
A bit grainy because the flash washed out the fabric (if I used it) but you get the idea. It needs just a tiny bit more work to get the wrinkles totally out.

I have to glue the vinyl onto the front pillars before the headling goes in. I also have to cut a piece of this same fabric for across the back between the rear windscreen and the rear parcel shelf, then the headlining can be glued in for good. The front pillar vinyl is currently on my workbench being "flattened" after being rolled up for about a year.

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