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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Headlining Replacement - Making the Headlining

At the start of the Vogue project we (wife and I) had decided to totally strip the Red Vinyl interior and replace it with a light grey and dark blue velour trim. The job we were (and still are) least looking forward to was replacing the headlining. The headlining is the bit of Vinyl or fabric above your head that lines the inside of the roof. Older cars have what is called a "suspended" or bowed headlining.

The headlining is held in place by bowed pieces of metal that clip to the sides of the inside of the roof.

Here the vinyl headlining is peeled back showing one of five bows.

The headlining was carefully removed and layed out.

The new headlining fabric. This isn't the same grey as we will be using for the two-tone interior. This is a little darker and was recommended for the headlining.

Marked up with dressmaking chalk ready to cut.

The other half does her bit.

The bows are threaded through a loop of fabric the runs the width of the headlining. The old lining used a kind of calico. We are using satin because we could get it in the correct width.

The headlining isn't in yet but we did find a 15mm thick acoustic foam to replace the old horsehair (or something) insulation in the roof. Here is it glued in with the bows holding it in temporarily.

Actually installing the headlining... well soon.

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