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Monday, September 5, 2011

More Re-chroming

Somehow I didn't blog the fact that we re-chromed the rear bumper bar. Back in this post I indicated that I was cleaning up the bumper bars. The rear one was too far gone - lots of scratches etc. We had it re-chromed about a year ago and it looks great.

With my attention turning to installing door handles etc. back on the car I found that the boot handle is pretty bad. It has a lot of pitting.

 Down the back of our yard, behind the garage, there is another boot lid - with a handle. Unfortunately it was worse but at least I could play with it and see if I could get it apart without destroying it for good. I did and Laurel will drop by the electroplating place this week and see what they think of its condition. I'll keep the one that was on the car for now.

The other chrome that really needs doing are the headlight surrounds or "eyebrows" as the family calls them.
So they have all gone off the the same place for re-chroming. The door handles are kind-of OK so we will leave them for now.

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