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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Interior Vinyl trim

I have finished making the vinyl trim pieces for the interior except for the front footwell panels. These are the ones at the side of the footwells just in front of the front doors. I will have to get the parcel shelf from under the house, where it's been stored for about 12 years, before I can finalise the trim.

I have discarded all the cardboard that was originally used as stiffening and used 3mm coreflute - a kind of corrugated plastic sheet. I used the original cardboard as a basis for the shapes to cut out of the coreflute but I was surprised at how often I had to modify ill-fitting shapes.

I haven't fitted the trim yet - except for the pieces next to and just in front of the rear seat.

This isn't the only piece but it gives an indication of the almost-finished trim (no pinchweld yet).


Matt said...

Suggest you wrestle with the parcel shelf first before doing anything else in that area. Need to be aware of the bonnet release handle (which usually needs to be temporarily removed to get one screw of the shelf in). You may find the corflute too thick in this area - it may sit proud too much.

Johny said...

Thanks Matt.
The bonnet release cable had to be relocated to clear the firewall-mounted accelerator pedal so it isn't mounted yet. As you say, I wasn't going to put coreflute above the parcel shelf but the only pieces of cardboard trim I have for that area (above the shelf on the side) are the blackish tar soaked bits. Not sure what to do there. What interfaces with the pinchweld above the parcel shelf?

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