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Monday, May 14, 2012

Windscreen Trim

The steering wheel is painted and ready to go in the car.
I spent about four hours Saturday and a couple on Sunday fitting the trim around the windscreen seal.
Why? Because it was REALLY difficult. Keep in mind I fitted the stainless steel trim to the rear windscreen seal and that only took about 15 minutes. This one is thicker as it's plastic and I think that's what made it so difficult (the original trim didn't fit this rubber seal).
The red arrow shows where I stopped again Sunday morning to rest my hands. The masking tape helps stop the rubber falling off the screen again. The strange shape of the glass allows it to come off a bit too easily.

You can see how bulky the plastic trim is in this picture. The Ella Bache makeup applicators I've been collecting over the years were invaluable. (Long oval shaped plastic thing on windscreen. They don't have them anymore - Laurel brings home useless flimsy things now.)

My fingers and thumbs were bruised from holding it in as I went so I had to stop and come back to it several times. I know you can get a tool to help with this but I didn't have one.

We were ready to fit the windscreen on Sunday afternoon but given it was Mother's Day I decided not to press Laurel  to help (even though she indicated she was happy to). I figured if we failed it would kind of put the damper on the day. It's penciled in for Wednesday afternoon when the temperature outside is a bit kinder.

Finally I installed the pull rope for installing the screen. The windscreen is in our bedroom staying warm for the big day.

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