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Monday, August 27, 2012

New Door Liners

While I waited for the last 3 battery packs to balance I busied myself making the door liners. The old masonite door liners on the Vogue were water damaged (why do people insist on removing the plastic sheets between the door liners and the door panels and not putting them back), so it is necessay to make new ones.
This one is typical of the old door liners.

I have elected to use 3 ply as it is reasonably light and better when it comes to water damage (I'll be using plastic sheet under it as well).
First I acertained that the door liners on left and right sides of the car were mirror images of one another. Then I choose the best one, stripped off the vinyl and traced it onto my 3 ply - including the holes for handles, window winders, armrests and mounting clips. Then I firmly applied masking tape over the lines where I was going to use my old trusty jigsaw.

Once cut, removing the masking tape shows hardly any splintering.

I am lucky enough to have inherited (really) some hole punches. The door clips and armrests use a 1/2" hole. The only problem I had was on one panel near the corner it split the whole corner out. Some woodglue fixed that.

I had to bash out over 100 holes.
I now have four stamped 3 ply panels. Next comes a test fit (just to be sure the armrest, winder and door opener holes are correct) then the fabric covering.

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