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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rear View Mirror Mount Failed

Mounting the rear view mirror is back on the list.
I carefully scraped off the excess silicone last night and secured the mirror to the plastic mounting tab.
Then I squared myself up in the driver's seat and reached up and adjusted the mirror - and it came off in my hand. The silicone stuck to the glass just fine - but not to the plastic mount. It took a while to scrape the silicone off the windscreen - it was stuck very well! There was NO silicone stuck to the plastic mount. Keep in mind that the little tube of silicone (vinegar smelling type) came with the mounting kit.

I have read a fair bit (web) on these failures recently so my three choices are:
  1. Rough up the back of the plastic mounting tab with sandpaper and try the silicone again (I have enough left to try once more).
  2. Use the metal mounting tab that came with the mirror although I'm concerned that the silicone is the corrosive type.
  3. Go and get another adhesive product for mounting mirrors.
Im using a CIPA 31000 8 inch mirror and the Pilot MI-005 mounting kit.
BTW - The silicone oozed out the sides of the mount - none of it went up those square holes in the mount which are obviously designed to "key" the glue.


Vincent T said...

I would either try the metal mount, or get a different adhesive. I've mounted rear view mirrors to glass before and the adhesives that came with the kits I bought dried hard.

Johny said...

I think you are right Vincent. My only reservation about the hard-drying adhesives is whether I can get it off off I want to go back the the original roof-mounted Vogue mirror. I think I'll just have to take the plunge.