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Friday, October 22, 2010

Motor Coupler and Driveshaft

Back at the start of this year I sought out a few companies that did drive shafts (tail shafts) in my area of Melbourne. I kind of knew what I wanted to do, but not really how to go about it. Basically I knew I needed a sliding spline on the motor end of the drive shaft and I would have to get my old one extended by about 200mm.

The third company I rang didn't balk at all at the mention of a 3 phase motor in a car (the others did!) and were amazing helpful straight away in that they could make the coupler (38mm motor shaft to flange) and the drive shaft to match. I have found Jeff, Russell (now left) and Graeme a delight to deal with at Precision Balancing in Ferntree Gully.
Anyway - to the point. I contacted them again at the start of September and dropped my old tail drive shaft in mid September.
The coupler was ready last week.

I finally got to remove that blue insulation tape from the motor shaft. I cleaned it with enamel thinners to de-sticky it.

After some minor tweeks the coupler slid smoothly onto the motor shaft.

I have measured the motor flange to differential flange dimension and given it to the guys. Drive shaft next.
It will look something like this one.
The left hand end connects to the motor coupler flange.

Meanwhile, I pulled the headliner out again last night for some slight changes - nothing major. We should get it back in (for good) on the weekend.

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