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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Underside of Bonnet Treatment

The underside of the bonnet wasn't painted with the rest of the car so something had to be done. The original had some quilt like construction for sound/heat proofing held in place by a wire contraption - none of it was usable.
Here is the before photo with the insulation gone.

There are 8 of these shipped as packaging with every battery pack. So I have over 90 of them. They are about 10mm thick and 200 x 400mm. We slapped one of them in the heat oven at work and ran it up to 80 degrees C. It handled it quite well with only a slight amount of curling.

So I glued ten of them together along the edges.

I then stuck the left over foil insulation from when the garage was restored to the panel. I used the contact adhesive (brushable) bought from the auto-upholstery place. It was then cut to shape so some of it tucked in around the edges and finally glued into the bonnet with 3M Hi-tack #76 spray adhesive (you can see the can on the lower left).
Home made dynamat!
Prior to gluing the insulation on I painted the frame part of the underside with the same enamel paint I had mixed up for the engine bay (after cleaning it with thinners).
The intention is to help stop radiant heat from the bonnet heating up the engine bay battery packs on hot summer days.

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