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Friday, July 22, 2011

Reversing solved and Battery warning identified

Shortly after the previous post and before removing the controller tray, I got reverse working. I had removed a 'function block' from the FB list in the controller knowing that my configuration didn't use it and the Lenze manual said they didn't - well they do! It was a block called ANEG which takes an analogue signal and makes it negative. The particular block was used to feed the low torque limit in the motor control block.
Anyway - now the motor runs either way - good.

The problem of the low-battery alert going off was not caused by the battery pack. The pack/BMS tested out fine using a couple of fan heaters as a load. I was able to duplicate the error by lifting a connection from one cell-pair to another momentarily and it got me to thinking. The motor cables go very close to the pack that was spitting the error.

Right at the point where the motor cables go next to the pack - on the inside of the pack - are the BMS wires - lots of them and running almost parallel to the motor cables.

So it's reasonable to assume that there is either capacitive or inductive coupling  at play here.
To help with capacitive coupling I did the following:

Take an offcut of brass fly wire and attach some heavy wires.

Cover the mesh with waterproof gaffer tape. What a mess - but I'll hide it under the trays so no-one will ever know. Well almost no-one....

And re-install the pack in the car, adding bullet connectors to the wires connected to the fly wire sheild and grounding them. Actually the pack from this location is now in the boot and this is a different pack (pack #5) - just to see if pack #10 really did have a fault that I missed.
To help avoid inductive coupling, the motor cable conduit is now tied well away from the pack.

A vew from another angle to show height separation, grounding wires - and the messy tape.
Now to stick the trays back in and try it...

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