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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Dashpad in In!

It's finally in.
It took me all day Saturday and Sunday - well a few breaks but that was my weekend - why?

The Vogue dashpad was not based on any kind of solid liner. It consists of foam and vinyl. For that reason it cost a lot to have this one made with a fibreglass base that fits the dash top.
Unfortunately the person who made it wasn't a clairvoyant or have magical abilities so it didn't fit quite right. The problem is that the demister trim and side wooden trim didn't fit.

I secured the wooden trim and drew a blue line on both sides to indicate how much room I had.

Now with dashpad installed. The circled bit is fibreglass and foam and will have to come off.

So I spent a long time hacksawing, snipping and filing VERY carefully to make evereything fit.
Here is the final result.

The little buckle is a trick of the light. It's there but very slight. I can take it out with the heatgun or just leave it to the windscreen rubber and sunlight.

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