This blog documents the restoration, and conversion, of a 1965 Humber (Singer) Vogue to a fully electric vehicle. The Vogue will be powered by an 11kW(modified), 3 phase industrial AC motor, controlled by an industry standard Variable Speed Drive (VSD) or Inverter. To be able to produce the 400 volts phase to phase the VSD will need about 600 VDC of batteries. A big thanks to the contributors on the AEVA forum:

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Firewall Insulation Installed

I spent a couple of hours Sunday morning making a template then cutting the firewall sound proofing material. I'm not sure why it's needed now considering I haven't got a ticking wheezing Petrol Engine under the bonnet any more. It's got to go in before the heater is installed.

Before. This is looking in the left hand front door toward just under the dash area where the glove box will be installed.

I still have a little more to place around the heater inlet area but it's all clipped in and easily removed for engineering checks. I also realised that I can't install the heater until the transmission "hump" insulation is installed - that's next.

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