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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rear Seat Foam Rubber

I dropped into the upholstery supply place Friday morning and ordered the foam for the rear seat. It was ready for pick-up after 1PM that day . Cost AU$52 - many pieces cut to size.
It made the extra can of 3M 76 Hi-Tack spray adhesive look expensive at $27.

Rootes Group didn't even bother to prime the raw steel sheet in the seat frame. Didn't they realise that the car would have to last more than 47 years? The seat foam we have removed was still in good enough condition to re-use (if you were that way inclined). Good quality stuff.

On Saturday I de-rusted the seat frame in preparation for putting the foam and fabric on.

We didn't get the foam on the seat as we had an outing on Sunday but I got some other stuff done.

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