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Monday, June 16, 2014

Converting HQ Holden Shock Absorbers to Humber/Hillman

Dampers - OK they're dampers - but most folk call them Shock Absorbers.
The Holden H series shockers fit the Hillmans, Sunbeams and Singers(Humber Vogue) of the early sixties I'm told; so I just bought a set of Ultima Shock Absorbers off an eBay seller. They look about right - a minor change is all that is needed. Remove the bottom bushing and metal attachment and replace with a suitable Hillman style bushing. I have already bought some SuperPro SPF0718-80K bushings.

Step 1
Cut around one side of the bushing where a lip has formed when the bushing was installed.
Step 2
Drill out some rubber to make removing it easier. Try not to hit the metal.
Step 2.5
Make a mess.
Step 3
Place the shocker on a flat board and apply pressure with foot while pulling on the metal attachment with a big pair of multi-grips/pliers. A bit of rotational force helps.
Sorry no picture for this one but here the Holden style bushing has been removed (plus the one from the first shocker I did).
Step 4
Apply some of the supplied lubricant to one end of the new bushing.
 Ready vice...
Step 5
Squeeze the bushing in with a vice. The rag is just so I don't take too much paint off the shocker.
Once you reach the limit of what can be done with the vice a little heal-of-hand thump seats the bushing nicely.

All done.

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