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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Armrests as internal door pulls

The Vogue originally had little chrome handles mounted just under the door wind-up windows that were used to pull the doors closed - as in this before picture.
Note that the door section above the wood trim is black vinyl. When we had the Vogue resprayed we chose to have this section in the same metallic blue as the lower section of the car - no vinyl. That would mean that every time someone closed the door, they would scratch the paint with their fingernails. Since the Humber Super Snipe (my other car) does not have these handles I decided to leave them off the Vogue as well, so the holes were filled prior to painting.
Now to the point! The armrests will be used to close the door, same as the Snipe.

This is the red vinyl armrest. The vinyl has shrunk a fair bit.

 The upper and lower section of the armrest are held together like a clamshell with two screws.
 When you remove the screws, and peel off the red vinyl you are left with this upper section. I had to be careful not to damage the foam too much or the new velour would appear "bumpy".
 We have chosen to use the blue velour on the armrests as it will be a little bit more forgiving of dirty hands. Here is my blue velour - cut to shape.

The lower section of the armrest is black plastic and while all of them are is pretty good condition, they have become slightly transparent so I have coated this first one with a vinyl paint on the inside. I came across this vinyl paint when my daughter needed some cheap black shoes of a certain style for waitressing and she could only buy white shoes. The paint is water based and intended for vinyl, leather and plastic and sticks very well. The inside of the armrest will be a pretty safe place for it.
Pictures coming...

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