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Monday, April 2, 2012

Seat Fabric glue improvements.

One of the things that did not go as well as I would have liked on the rear seats was that we were after a particular look with the silver seat inserts that was difficult to get. The problem is that the silver part needs to be glued to the foam underneath but in so doing, the slight plush effect is easy to lose. With the rear seat we sprayed glue on the foam but tried only to bring the silver fabric in contact with the glue at the seams.
The raised sections you see below are easily lost if the whole lot gets glued down.
To make this job simpler on the front seats, we decided to glue some poly-cotton fabric to the seams in advance. That way the final job of gluing the whole lot to the seat foam would be simpler. (Later addition to post 03-Apr-2012: We cut the poly-cotton squares at 45 degrees to the weave to allow it to stretch easily.)

I used thin cardboard to mask in between the seams and sprayed 3M High Tack just on the seams. Then the cardboard was removed and the poly cotton pressed down on the seams.

Once the glue was dry, I trimmed the poly-cotton close to the edges of the silver fabric. We glued it onto the front passenger seat base last night and it was a LOT easier.

I'll clip the rest up tonight and post some pics.

I have also disassembled the drivers seat, de-rusted, rust-convert painted then final black painted. it.

There was one broken spring (there are four springs across the front), but fortunately I have a spare back seat under the house and the springs are the same type just with more curvy bits. A quick hacksaw and I now have four springs for the drivers seat. Now that the passenger front seat fabric looks like it's fitting nicely, we will cut up the blue fabric for the drivers seat and Laurel will sew up the drivers seat upholstery during the Easter break. The silver pieced sections for the drivers seat are already sewed.

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