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Monday, June 4, 2012

Door Weatherstrip does not fit

I bought the rubber doorseal for all four doors from a supplier in England together with the carpet near the end of 2011. Unfortunately the doorseal doesn't fit. It does fit in the channel on the door but the door will not close - the leading edge fouls against the car body on all doors.
Here is a sketch indicating why.
Blue is the door.
Black is the sponge rubber seal.
Green is te car's body.

I have a feeling it's going on eBay!

If that wasn't enough - the rear window outer weatherstrip is a problem too. I already had two pieces for the front but had to buy two for the rear doors at around $40 $30 each.
This is the front door - this one works well.

This is the rear door - note the height that the weatherstrip goes up the glass compared to the picture above.

And here is the problem. This is what happens when you wind the window down. The weatherstrip follows the glass down into the door.

I have only cut one of the rear weatherstrips so with any luck I can get a changeover or a refund.

On the good side, I have finished preparing all the vinyl trim and will begin to install it in the car. I have one more piece of trim to do - the section in-between the front and back doors. It has my modified inside lights and the seatbelt mount. We are going to do this piece in headlining fabric down to the bottom of the glass then blue velour to the bottom of the door - it's black vinyl under that.

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