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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ear Metal for the Vogue

Here is my latest eBay purchase for the Vogue.
They are called "flesh tunnels" and are for folk who like to expand their ear piecings for decorative purposes.
Why do I want them. Well, I've always wanted to get my ears....NO - that's not the reason.

In this picture I have highlighted the hole where the internal button/post for locking and unlocking the Vogue door pokes through the upper part of the door. The post (not shown) is about 7mm diameter with a mushroom type head. The hole shown is about 10-11mm. (The outer weatherstrip doesn't look like that any more.)

The Vogue originally used a stainless steel "eyelet" of some form which are hopelessly unusable. I haven't been able to get eyelets anywhere near close enough to fit. I contemplated getting some machined up but on my eBay searches for eyelets, ear decorations kept turning up - it was a sign!
I bought four for under AU$5 so if the inner diameter isn't large enough - not too much lost.

The lower flange on the flesh tunnels unscrew so fitting should be easy.

(Added this image later - 15th Jun 2012)

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