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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Front Outside Door Handles Installed

It may sound simple but I found a way to make it complicated.
It seems that you can assemble the locking mechanisms two ways.
I did the drivers side the wrong way. I had to dismantle the lock and re-assemble it. The first time I did this a year or so ago it took at least an hour. Last night it took less than five minutes - the things you learn.

This is the wrong way. The way you connect a fiddly spring inside the handle dictates which way the locking part pokes out when assembled.
 This is the right way.
 Final result. They are even connected to the locking system.
Driver's side.
The back doors will be much faster as there are no locks so no links inside the doors - and access is easier. The rubber pads are new (door handle to bodywork) from Sunbeam Specialties in the USA.

Both front doors are now closing pretty easily, the rears are still a problem but not so important. The rear door rubbers are tending to "catch" on the body work on the leading edge (lock side) of the doors, so I'll have to fix that somehow.

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