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Friday, March 2, 2012

Bailey Channel Search

I have finally resolved the Bailey channel problem. I really have NOT been unable to track down a rigid bailey channel that is 5/8" wide and the right height with a metal trim. See this post. Laurel and I have decided that a non-rigid bailey with no trim will be acceptable.

After much reserching online, I discovered that Clark Rubber (Australian national rubber retailer) actually stocked a few of the candidates for flexible bailey channels.
I went there a couple of days ago and bought back these four samples. The one on the far left actually had little wings on the outer edges which I cut off hoping to get a better fit but it was still too large.

So numbered left to right:
#1 Too large
#2 Fits quite well
#3 Too small
#4 Too low

Number 2 works really well in the doorframe. It will have to be held in with glue at about 100mm intervals. It has the official number 350.222. Clark's price was good so I went back yesterday and picked up 7 meters.

Just a side note. The clips that hold the rigid bailey channel into the door frame were a bit rusty so ages ago, during great clip de-rust, I had cleaned them up and de-rusted them. When I tried to fit one of them into the door frame I scratched the paint on the edge of the doorframe (covered by the bailey channel we have chosen). No matter how I tried there was no way to get them in without damaging paintword. The flexible bailey won't use the the clips so I'm also happy with this approach (glue) on that front as well.

We put the windscreen rubber on the front windscreen last night. We'll give it a few days to settle in then attempt to put the windscreen in the car. If Sunday pans out then maybe then.

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