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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rear Seat fabric fully fitted

The seating part of the rear seat is now all but finished.
The original seat had a method of securing the vinyl to the front of the seat base that we couldn't replicate easily. They had a 1500mm plastic 'U' shape sewn to the bottom of the vinyl which was then clipped over the 5mm wire frame edge.
Here is how it was originally done.

I originally thought of using clips then covering them with pinchweld but while I was at Clark Rubber a few weeks ago they had a pinchweld profile that had a 6mm clearance at the rounded part. So the clips were not necessary - we simply hold the fabric on with the pinchweld.

Here it is partially fitted with my good old butterfly clips holding it in place until I get to that bit.

Here, I am fitting the last section - just hold the fabric tautly and push down hard - removing clips as I go. It was pretty hard on the thumbs.

The finished product - well almost. I just have to make the two fabric covers for the lower part of the base. They are on a cardboard base and just folded over at the edges and glued around the wire frame

These have to be recovered in blue velour.

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