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Friday, March 16, 2012

Window saga and Seat foaming

The windscreen rubber and rear 1/4 light window saga is not over yet.
When we went to fit the stainless steel trim to the windscreen rubber, it was way too wide. The Vogue appears to be different to other Rootes Group cars (Hillman) in that the front and rear windscreen seal trim is a different width from front to back.
Front trim. The new front windcreen rubber allows about 8mm where this measures 11mm.
The rear which is on the car. This trim width would fit the front.
My supplier in Adelaide is going to supply a plastic chrome trim that will fit.
I also sent the rear 1/4 light seals back to him to have them shortened on two sides. When we get them back we will try one last time to fit them and if not successful I'll get "someone" in to do it.

Meanwhile I am still applying rubber foam to the front passenger seat. We are fiddling with it a lot to get a really nice comfortable yet confining seat. It's also a fiddle to get the upholstery to fit.
More soon.

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