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Monday, March 19, 2012

Rear Seat Upholstery clipped up

Some new excuses for not getting much done this past weekend. On Saturday I slept away the afternoon having come down with a flu-like something. On Friday and Saturday night my son (William) was in a school musical (Little Shop O'Horrors). There was a Saturday matinee but I didn't go to that one.  I wasn't feeling too bad on Sunday so I got something done.
I finally clipped up the back and base of the rear seat.

I didn't use standard auto upholstery clips as were used on the vinyl as they have little "teeth" that would have torn the velour if/when I tried to remove them.
Instead I used these stainless steel clips I found at Officeworks a few months ago. They are sold under the brand "Nalclip". I slightly modified each clip with a pair of needle nose pliers so that the edges are bent up (takes about 6 seconds/clip). That way they don't cut the fabric going on. Top one is modified. (I'll change this photo for a macro one later.)

Unfortunately the applicator was pretty useless as the stuff I am clipping to is only just inside the clips width, but they are easy enough to get on by sliding a screwdriver into the gap.

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